Orangegaz ice cream cartridge gas stove

Orangegaz ice cream cartridge gas stove

It can be used for stir-frying, boiling water, BBQ, etc..

Additional information

Product Name

ice cream cartridge gas stove




Carbon steel +Stainless Steel








8 pcs


Electric ignition

Valve type

Magnet valve


2000 or negotiable we accept minimun orders



1.Lightweight and Portable: It is designed to be com-pact and lightweight. It uses cartridge butane fuels whichare easy to carry and replace. Whether you are hiking.camping, or going on short trips, it can be easily trans-ported (eva bag) and used also cleaned.

2.Quick lgnition: It offers convenient and quick ignitionwithout the need for additional ignition tools. Simplyconnect the fuel canister and open the valve, and it willquickly ignite and provide a high-temperature flame,saving time on setup and ignition.

3.Adjustable Flame: It has adjustable flame functions.allowing you to choose different flame intensities as peryour needs. Whether you need a rapid boil or a slowsimmer, you can adjust it accordingly.

4.Safety and Reliability: It typically come with stable supports and anti-slip designs, ensuring stability and safetyduring use. Additionally, they are equipped with safetyvalves and automatic shut-off devices to ensure safeoperation in case of emergencies.

5.Storage and warrenty: easy to clean, high quality EVAbag with leather material



Suitable for outdoor/ indoor/ park/ party…



  1. Lightweight and Portable
  2. Quick lgnition
  3. Adjustable Flame
  4. Safety and Reliability
  5. easy to clean, high quality EVAbag with leather material

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